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Becoming Jack Flack ShmooCon Presentation Posted


The slides from our ShmooCon 2010 presentation, “Becoming Jack Flack: Real Life Cloak and Dagger” have now been posted at If you saw the presentation and enjoyed it, please don’t forget to provide your feedback at the ShmooCon feedback website. Thanks!

More information and resources will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

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New Site For a New Year


We have been working hard in the background migrating the disparate blogs, cms, and static pages that made up into a single site and we are proud to say that we have finished. A slightly modified theme and a simpler navigation are just some of the benefits. Let us know what you think. Any old links, especially popular ones, should now point nicely to their new homes. If you find any broken or missing links let us know at inquiries AT kaos DOT to.

New Contact Alias

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We’ve setup a new e-mail alias for general inquiries, project requests, join requests, etc. If you’d like to contact kaos.theory, send email directly to <inquiries AT kaos DOT to>. Thanks!

Rumors of our demise


…have been greatly exaggerated! Granted, we’ve been silent for several months and have long delyaed the release of SAMAEL and NARC (for which I’ve caught no shortage of grief); alas, these are the foibles of a volunteer group whose active members have day jobs, wives, kids and mortgages.

Alright, alright, enough with the excuses.The wheels are in motion once again.



Keyboard Photos


Quick request — several people ended up snapping photos of my keyboard at LayerOne, and I’d really like to have copies of any of the photos that were taken. If you were one of the aforementioned photographers, please email me. Also, if anyone plans to put these anywhere on the net, kindly mention my real name (Taylor Banks) with the posted photo (though you’re welcome to use my handle as well, if you’d like). Thanks!

kaos.theory at LayerOne


For those in or around LA / SoCal, mark your calendars to come see kaos.theory on April 15th and 16th. I’ll be presenting at LayerOne with digunix on Anonym.OS, and we’d love to see you there!


We’ve been quiet, but we’re not dead…


Lots been going on behind the curtain lately. Hopefully, in as little as a few short days, I’ll be implementing:

  • improved RSS feeds courtesy of FeedBurner
  • email syndication courtesy of FeedBlitz
  • and a new website with frequently asked questions and answers, prominent download links for Anonym.OS, how-to’s and tutorials, and much, much more! :-)

Stay tuned for details!

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Please contribute back to the community


I just ordered a couple T-shirts from the OpenBSD project and thought it would be a good time to ask others to contribute as well. Please take the time to give back to the community that gives so much to you. There are several ways to help open source projects, either with time or money. If you don’t have the money to donate take the time to help by submitting useful and complete bug reports or by submitting new ports for OpenBSD or by running a Tor server. Those are just a few ideas. Feel free to contact members of various OSS groups and ask them how you can help. We, of course, will be contributing back to the technologies and projects we use to build Anonym.OS in many capacities.

Here are a few links to help you get started:


Wow, just got in an accident


I’m sitting in the back seat of my lovely friend Lisa’s car, stopped at a light. Talking on the phone to the lovely Dr. Madelyn Hatter.

Screeching truck, on the right, sound of brakes. BOOM, face hits laptop, bluetooth headset… gone. Ouch, mouth is bleeding. Cellphone rings, it’s the Doc. “Is everyone alright? Are you guys ok?” Yes, we’re fine, I think. Bleeding cheek, coffee on pants, seats, floor. Mouth-flesh on laptop. Gross. Brand new car, three weeks old, thank god it’s mostly cosmetic damage. Fender bent, trunk shows damage. Definitely not Lisa’s fault. Still, she’s sad. “Nicest car I’ve ever owned,” she says, “for three weeks.”

What a strange, surreal, exciting… and unnecessary event for a Wednesday.

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Giving Good Presentations


As I sit here watching a presentation given via WebEx, I find myself rather critical of the presenter’s style. Although the presentation is good, this presenter seems to be plagued by the same problem I see in the majority of the presentations I attend — he is using the presentation itself as presenter notes, i.e. he is essentially reading from a number of well-written but overly-detailed slides.

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