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Why am I so upset?


You know, I am excited about ShmooCon. In fact, I’m very excited. That said, I’m also a bit sad, as digunix pointed out a conflict of interest that’s left me unresolved…

You see, we’re scheduled to speak at the con on Saturday, Jan 14th at 3pm. Unfortunately, shortly after we got notification that our talk was accepted, The Shmoo updated their schedule and much to my dismay, my friend Jon Callas is also speaking at the same time on the same day. Herein lies the problem — no matter what happens, I’m bound to be a little frustrated by the outcome.

Jon Callas, as many of you might know, is the CTO of PGP. He’s a security rockstar and a damn brilliant fellow. Plus, he’s one of The Shmoo. So, if everyone attends his talk instead of ours, well, I’ll be sad. Conversely, because Jon is a friend of mine (and someone who’s opinions and skills I have tremendous respect for), if people attend our talk instead of his, I’ll be sad. Further, this means that I’m going to miss his talk while I’m giving mine! :(
Maybe, best case scenario, we’ll both get half of each other’s crowd, and the attendees of each talk can move between the two rooms at regular intervals. Hey, I can dream, right? And hell, 3pm’s a great time slot — much better than having the slot right after lunch, or at the end of the day, or early Sunday morning for that matter!

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Join us at ShmooCon 2006


Final speaker selections for ShmooCon 2006 were announced yesterday and we’re on the list! Currently scheduled to talk at 3pm on Saturday, Jan 14th, we’ll be discoursing on privacy and security and introducing the first public version of Anonym.OS, our own Live CD designed to automagically anonymize and encrypt all ingress and egress traffic on any PC, anywhere!

Our presentation will introduce Anonym.OS, describe its goals and the fundamental underlying technologies, demonstrate it for the audience (an OpenBSD LiveCD that really works, w00t!), follow up with a Q&A session, then conclude by providing links to download all source and ISO images. We will also distribute as many copies of Anonym.OS on CD as we can burn the night before. :)

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KaosFu at Shmoo?


Well, I finally managed to submit kaos.theory’s response to the ShmooCon 2006 CFP on Monday. Assuming we get selected, we hope to introduce one of our more exciting projects, which, though still under development, shows significant promise as a security and privacy tool for really paranoid people… like us. :-)

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Wow, What Happened?


Ok, I know, I’ve been real slack… In fact, I haven’t posted a single entry since I left for Defcon over a month ago; and it seems I’m having a harder time than I anticipated motivating the rest of the team to use the blog. Nonetheless, I encourage you to check back often within the next couple of weeks and months, as kaos.theory will be announcing new projects and talks we hope to be giving at conferences coming to a town near you!

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Defcon Around the Corner, DC404 T-Shirts


dc404 - defcon atlantaWell, it’s that time of year again and Defcon’s just around the corner. I was actually planning on being in The Netherlands at the end of this month, which would have precluded my attendance, but with Beth moving to NY and the rest of our personal chaos, it was going to be too expensive and too hard to coordinate. So, I’ll be in Vegas after all! (Hell, I’ve been to the past seven Defcon’s minus the one I missed, don’t want to spoil a tradition, right?)

Also, anyone local to Atlanta should make sure and pick up a few DC404 T-Shirts, now available thanks to Fundable and the DC404 tequila committee. We’ll be having a couple of DC404 Events this year, so wear your shirts and show your support!

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