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Collaborative Editing


From The Kevin Experiment:

I WANT FREE SOFTWARE… if you do toooo… copy this to your blog

1. SubEthaEdit from CodingMonkeys
2. BLOGZOT 2.0 on
3. MacZOT and TheCodingMonkeys will award $105,000 in Mac software
4. any comments you have about the software, the web site, or the promotion

So basically SubEthaEdit…. think textedit on steroids and networkable.


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We’ve been quiet, but we’re not dead…


Lots been going on behind the curtain lately. Hopefully, in as little as a few short days, I’ll be implementing:

  • improved RSS feeds courtesy of FeedBurner
  • email syndication courtesy of FeedBlitz
  • and a new website with frequently asked questions and answers, prominent download links for Anonym.OS, how-to’s and tutorials, and much, much more! :-)

Stay tuned for details!

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Great Quotes from Happy Users


I’m happy to say, we’re getting a lot of great feedback about Anonym.OS, as well as a ton of feature requests, many of which are already on our roadmap, which we’ll be posting here soon. In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite quotes:

Steve of NeighborGeek News says:

This project by the kaos.theory security research group, if successful, will be one of the greatest innovations in computer security in a long time.


Anonym.OS — Been waiting for something like this! WOW!

Of course there have always been homegrown solutions to what Anonym.OS offers, however it is *very* nice to have an .ISO based, live non-linux solution (OpenBSD, best OS!).

Anonym.OS is now used exclusively here for all secure communication needs, as well as one of my most reccommended utils. :)
Keep up the great job!


Awesome program! I don’t use it for privacy, I use it for the security.

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Wow, we’re on Schneier’s blog!

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Well, looks like we’re continuing to get good coverage of Anonym.OS; we hit Bruce Schneier’s blog this morning! Since anybody who’s anybody in the security industry knows Bruce, I’m supposing that this alone may generate almost as much traffic as our recent Slashdotting. Thanks for noticing us, Bruce!

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Wow, What Happened?


Ok, I know, I’ve been real slack… In fact, I haven’t posted a single entry since I left for Defcon over a month ago; and it seems I’m having a harder time than I anticipated motivating the rest of the team to use the blog. Nonetheless, I encourage you to check back often within the next couple of weeks and months, as kaos.theory will be announcing new projects and talks we hope to be giving at conferences coming to a town near you!

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Getting Things Organized


By way of LifeHacker, I stumbled across this article on Getting Things Organized, which mentioned the IKEA Office Planner tool.

Now that’s super cool. Probably wouldn’t be so excited about it, if Atlanta didn’t have its own IKEA coming soon.

So who wants to help me remodel my office? :)

Blogs Suck!

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Just thought I’d flex my new administrative power to state for the record that blogs suck. I think we should use gopher instead.

In fact I think our next project should be a self replicating worm that exploits php based blogs, installs the gopher protocol on the host machine then proceeds to recursively convert all blog entries into gopher format and finally replaces all php pages with redirectors to the newly made gopher tree.

Anyone with me?

Easy blog posting via DashBlog


For those who happen to be lucky enough to own a Mac and have installed or are considering installing Tiger, check out DashBlog, a simple Dashboard widget that allows quick and easy posting to a variety of blogs via standard blogging APIs.

The interface is a very simple, if a little bit big (even on the 17″ PB), but the developer has suggested that she’ll be changing the interface to a toolbar-style widget ala the default Dictionary widget.

Comment system working?


Last night, Shostack indicated that his attempts to post first comment to the blog were unsuccessful, though I was able to post a comment this morning. Just wondering if anyone else has tried posting a comment?

Assuming, of course, that you tried and were unable… will you please email admin at so I can look further into the problem? Cheers!