That’s right, from the 1337 hax0rs that brought you Anonym.OS, kaos.theory/security.research presents S.A.M.A.E.L. (Secure, Anonymous, Megalomaniacal, Autonomous, Encrypting Linux), the natural evolution of our secure, automagicically anonymizing operating system, Anonym.OS into a kick-ass anonymizing server!

In unison, we’re proud to introduce N.A.R.C…

Getting useful, attractive reports out of scanning tools is a bitch. People pay vendors thousands just for some slick charts and graphs. Why? Because SQL is hard for a boot-camp MCSE. So get your ‘Security for Dummies’ books and your free Nessus downloads ready, folks, because we’ve got scripts and queries all packaged up as pretty as your mom on a Friday night. kaos.theory’s newest member, jonathan white, joins atlas and crew to introduce N.A.R.C., the Network Analysis Reporting Console.

In its initial release, N.A.R.C. can utilize output from common security tools like Nessus, Paros, and NMap to populate a database via automated scripts for reporting purposes. Version 0.DC14 also includes rudimentary reporting capabilities.

For those planning on joining us in Las Vegas this year, check the schedule and the speakers page for more information!

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