How do I install Anonym.OS to HD/USB?

Today, although it’s possible, Anonym.OS is not designed for easy installation. Remember, this was our first beta and the primary goal was pushing out a live operating environment that was [mostly] stable and effectively provided strong security, anonymity and encryption out of the box.

Seems we nailed that goal pretty well, so our next step is to address all of the optional but highy desirable features, like:

* Installation to HD/USB

* Automatic mounting of local HD partitions

* More “desktop” tools like office apps, multimedia, etc

These features are being included based on the number of requests we get, so make sure and let us know what you want to see most in future versions of Anonym.OS!

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One Response to “How do I install Anonym.OS to HD/USB?”

  1. Andy Says:

    Will there be a new version of anonym.OS.
    I like it and it would be nice if it was still openBSD and not FreeBSD, due to openBSD being free of potentially dangerous blobs.
    Please make a new version of it and provide md5 and source

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