We’ve been quiet, but we’re not dead…

Lots been going on behind the curtain lately. Hopefully, in as little as a few short days, I’ll be implementing:

  • improved RSS feeds courtesy of FeedBurner
  • email syndication courtesy of FeedBlitz
  • and a new website with frequently asked questions and answers, prominent download links for Anonym.OS, how-to’s and tutorials, and much, much more! :-)

Stay tuned for details!

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3 Responses to “We’ve been quiet, but we’re not dead…”

  1. er!k Says:

    gogogogo :-)

  2. Don Ya Says:

    Can’t wait — the original is still cranking inside VMPlayer* on US DOI Windoze XP box — very stable, but Privoxy a pain in the ass for a dumbass like me. Is P~y even necessary for anon~y between my screen and the any other location?
    *Highly recommended — runs much faster than off cd and can toggle back and forth between host and anonym.os w/o log on/off.

  3. hooha Says:

    Looking forward to a FAQ. AnonymOS won’t boot native on my XPSP2 AMD system. Runs smooth as cream in VMWare, though I wonder if I’m sacrificing any advantages in AnonymOS by running it inside WinXP. It does boot native on my old 566Celeron system,.. but SLOW!

    Also would like to purchase (pay for) a nice copy of AnonymOS with the cool CD label you had at the conference. Or at least a download link for the cd label I could make myself.

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