Wow, we’re on Schneier’s blog!

Well, looks like we’re continuing to get good coverage of Anonym.OS; we hit Bruce Schneier’s blog this morning! Since anybody who’s anybody in the security industry knows Bruce, I’m supposing that this alone may generate almost as much traffic as our recent Slashdotting. Thanks for noticing us, Bruce!

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One Response to “Wow, we’re on Schneier’s blog!”

  1. Dr. Cadwell Says:

    After a lengthy serch I am not able to find any clue as to why my download ends up asking for a login and password. When researching questionably or sensitive material I do reqire a certain amount of anonimity. I think this is an excellent idea, but thus far it is anything but user friendly. I can’t access the error logs if I can’t access the program ( as in getting past a login screen that does not respond to my inputed password) Your assistance in pointing me in the right direction would be very much appreciated. I am not a programmer, nor more than moderately competent with linux.
    I remain In Service & In Health,
    Dr. Cadwell

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