100 TB of Anonymity

For those still having problems downloading, please accept my sincerest apologies. We had absolutely no idea how popular Anonym.OS would become, nor how quickly.

In roughly 36 hours since it’s release, we’ve now seen over 190,000 downloads of Anonym.OS via Sourceforge alone, amounting to roughly 110 TB served! One hundred and ten terabytes. Holy crap.

Additionally, we’ve had over 2800 successful snatches via Bittorrent and have had over 600 active seeders and up to 2500 total peers at peak. Therefore, if you’re having problems getting a copy, give it a while and try again; all of the mirrors that have a copy of the file are busy, and there are over 200 peers still downloading the torrent as I write this. Good luck, and safe surfing!

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7 Responses to “100 TB of Anonymity”

  1. Al Says:

    Where can i find docs how to burn and fire up “anonymos-shmoo” and why does everyone in Linux assume we are all computer goshs. Maybe that is why noone uses Linux.

    I mean i tried extracting “anonymos-shmoo.iso” then burnt it into dvd
    then tried to reboot after modifying bios to boot from CD first but no

    Then i tried buirning “anonymos-shmoo.iso” as is onto dvd and then
    tried to reboot but no go again !!

    so how the heck i would burn this and why it didnt boot either way and
    is it ok to burn on dvd rather than cd and and and ….

  2. ArneBab Says:

    For all those still having download-problems, I created a magnet-link with which the iso can be downloaded via the Gnutella Network using Programs like http://www.limewire.com or http://phex.org :


    And for all those Phex Users out there, here’s a magma-list (circumventing mile-long magnet-links):

    Both contain my IP (dyndns) as first source, so the magnets should work fine.

  3. Aleph Says:

    I’m having some problems with Anonym.OS, I’m a newcomer to Unix, but it boots just fine. Everytime I use windowed mode, the power light on my monitor flashes and I get an error flashing across my screen saying “Input display out of range”. Know what’s wrong?

  4. digunix Says:

    It seems that your video card supports a higher refresh rate then what your monitor is capable of. There is a hack to get it working… email me and I can go further indepth with you to get it working for the time being.
    digunix AT kaos DOT to

  5. digunix Says:

    Email me and I will help you through your issues.
    digunix AT kaos DOT to

  6. nobody Says:

    Anonym.OS — Been waiting for something like this! WOW!

    Of course there have always been homegrown solutions to what Anonym.OS offers, however it is *very* nice to have an .ISO based, live non-linux solution (OpenBSD, best OS!).

    Anonym.OS is now used exclusively here for all secure communication needs, as well as one of my most reccommended utils. :)

    Keep up the great job!

    FYI: Specs=CentOS 4.2 (Host) 1.7GZ/1GB RAM/VMware GSX Server 3.2
    Anonym.OS (GUI) runs quite nicely in a 160MB RAM Virtual Machine. :)

  7. JacksAll Says:

    Is it simple enough to copy the anonymshmoo.iso to a harddrive to permanently install anonym.os?

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