Anonym.OS now available!

For those that didn’t see us at ShmooCon, our Anonym.OS presentation went off superbly! Unfortunately, it seems that there have been problems downloading the ISO via SourceForge. Out of approximately 21,000 download attempts, it seems that only a few have been successful. :-(
Although it looks like the image is now slowly propagating across all of the SF mirrors, we’ve set up a torrent at so that everyone can grab a copy now.

Look forward to everyone’s feedback — get it, use it, and tell us what you think!

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8 Responses to “Anonym.OS now available!”

  1. Matt C Says:

    That torrent is going nowhere… anyone having luck with it?

  2. dr.kaos Says:

    You should be doing ok now, Matt. There are currently 144 seeders and 564 leechers for a total of 708 peers total. We also recently hit over 100,000 downloads via Slashdot. If you continue to have problems, let me know!

  3. ms Says:

    could you post the torrent on this page too?

  4. PHoy Says:

    First of all, Anonym.OS is a very interesting, useful and generally nice initiative!
    I have a small suggestion for forthcoming releases: I think it’s a good thing to disable, as default, Javascript, Java and “Let sites install software” in Firefox. To be on the safe side…
    Keep up the good work!
    (By the way, it works flawlessly in VMware (preferable from a CD image instead of the physical CD-ROM drive for performance reasons).

  5. M_Six Says:

    Nice work. It boots great on my new Dell Workstation and my two older Dell laptops. Won’t boot on my dual processor home machine. No big deal. One change I’d like to see is the ability to change screen resolutions. Looks like 1024×768 is the only entry in xorg.conf. Of course, I could pony up some cash for an ISO maker and change the file myself.

    Question; I’ve read that this OS doesn’t touch the native hard drive, yet when I run it on one of my Dell laptops, the hard drive activity light is nearly always on. Does it use the native HD for swap files?

  6. Dawgy Says:

    I’ve run Anonym.OS successfully but slowly from an XP box in the US Dept of Interior a few times — other attempts have failed in establishing net connectivity. All I get is the Privoxy 404. What am I doing wrong? Incidentally, Anonym.OS runs slickly on VMWare Player, using Jim’s Live CD Player — — you’ll thank me someday, but first help me, because I’m still ending up @Privoxy 404.

  7. DanB Says:

    Anonym.OS is working great on my P4 1.4ghz 384MB (well done to all who contributed), running it from the CD but would like to know if it can be installed on the HDD. Are there any drawbacks or is it better to run Anonym.OS from the CD? Sorry but I’m a newby. Any help for HDD install will be highly appreciated

  8. Mr. Anderson Says:

    OK, this is weird. I have two (nearly) identical dell laptops. The differences are: one is 1.8GHz 512MB ram, dvd drive, and the other is 1.6GHz 256MB ram, cdrw. Anonym.os used to work on the 1.8 machine, but all I get now is the privoxy 404 error. It works fine on the other one.

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