Anonym.OS in action

anonym.os screenshot
Since this picture didn’t seem to make it into the Wired article, I thought it would be nice to post it here for those who haven’t yet booted Anonym.OS.

kaos crew
I also really liked this picture from our photo shoot, though it didn’t make it to print. Great idea, decent execution. Kinda captures the spirit of Anonym.OS, wouldn’t you say?

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9 Responses to “Anonym.OS in action”

  1. tony Says:

    what happened to your faces!?

    congrats dudes and dudettes!

  2. dr.kaos Says:

    we’re “anonymous,” silly!

  3. bpunk Says:

    Your Kung Foo is strong, you have the force with you. Make us VMWare for x86 Intel MacBook Pro and you’ll do the world a favor, again :)

  4. bm0n Says:

    What’s the status for your walktrough document for making a Anonym.OS to run on Mac OS X PPC computers? And I gotta admit, this project rocks! way to go!

  5. dr.kaos Says:

    Hash: SHA1

    bmon — We’re working on finalizing documentation as I write this. Not sure when it will be finalized and resleased, but I hope to have something available for download within a few weeks, so check back often. Regarding PPC, the document should be generic enough to apply to any architecture currently supported by OpenBSD. That said, I have not yet recreated our build environment on my own Powerbook, so I’m not sure if there would be any problems or incompatibilities. More on that once I’ve done Glad you like project, and look forward to your continuing feedback!—–BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE—–Version: GnuPG v1.4.0 (Darwin)Comment: OpenPGP Encrypted Email Preferred.iEYEARECAAYFAkPNPvYACgkQKFGf6YjtZRAccACfRAXzmdgWDxd/BBXnpOTJJHa3v/IAmwTcr5+i+w4LqqEmwitRlviEhp3m=pLPB—–END PGP SIGNATURE—–

  6. bpunk Says:

    Cheak out the Art of Xen as well, hear its working on PPC versions for action now, have to wait for comfirmation of VTX support in core duo and road map for x86 Mac development.


  7. bm0n Says:

    Dr.Kaos I am testing your version on al diffirent computers.. eg. from windows based till *nix based. And this is awesome, but I do have some you know things that Anonym.os would make way much better… So I could basically mount,rw the image and overwrite thing I would like to change, but that doesn’t sound fair in my eyes. Everybody likes a “personalized” copy of anonym.OS. What u mean with personalized, u mean like a personal greeting from Dr.Kaos himself? Nah (I would appreciate and honored though ;-) ) but when u boot this at schools people will think wtf is that dude doing? So If you could personalize (e.g. edit ~/.fluxbox) you could you know load your own wallpaper and such so it would look more “innocent”. Also while trying.. the FTP manpages DO exist but the ftp function isn’t working properly. So I mean compared to you I am a very big noob (so I feel harsh writing you suggestion while I couldn’t even make my own AnonymOS.) but isn’t it ok to just remove such manpages? Luckily SSH is available too, while I personally see no sense in FTP (i’d rather choose SFTP) there are people with only FTP acces to a certain box. So when you include an editor (VI(m) or Pico / Emacs or whatever) people could actually use the OS Not only for surfing but also for writing Now that would be even more awesome! I know this is not a 1.0 release, but you might find my comment useful..

    P.s. I just can’t wait till that manual get’s released, because in my eyes Dr. Kaos you’ve written a new point in the history books with Anonym.OS!

  8. TheCorsican Says:

    Agree: Great job so far. Only nit: I know I don’t feel very anonymous with that big, glaring kaos.theory wallpaper featuring a terrorist-looking guy at the left-most table. It definitely catches peoples’ eyes.

    Its traffic looks like WinXP on the back-end; shouldn’t the gui look like XP (or at least Gnome or KDE) on the front-end for maximum anonymity?

  9. GenKreton Says:

    Some networks require SP2 to be installed on XP machines. Would it be a trivial change to make it appear like it had SP2 instead of SP1 for the benefit of those who venture onto such networks?

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