Wow, just got in an accident

I’m sitting in the back seat of my lovely friend Lisa’s car, stopped at a light. Talking on the phone to the lovely Dr. Madelyn Hatter.

Screeching truck, on the right, sound of brakes. BOOM, face hits laptop, bluetooth headset… gone. Ouch, mouth is bleeding. Cellphone rings, it’s the Doc. “Is everyone alright? Are you guys ok?” Yes, we’re fine, I think. Bleeding cheek, coffee on pants, seats, floor. Mouth-flesh on laptop. Gross. Brand new car, three weeks old, thank god it’s mostly cosmetic damage. Fender bent, trunk shows damage. Definitely not Lisa’s fault. Still, she’s sad. “Nicest car I’ve ever owned,” she says, “for three weeks.”

What a strange, surreal, exciting… and unnecessary event for a Wednesday.

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2 Responses to “Wow, just got in an accident”

  1. kravatronic Says:

    Holy crap! …gald to hear you’re alright…minus a cheek, anyway.

  2. beth Says:

    Come home and let me kiss your boo-boo!

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