Join us at ShmooCon 2006

Final speaker selections for ShmooCon 2006 were announced yesterday and we’re on the list! Currently scheduled to talk at 3pm on Saturday, Jan 14th, we’ll be discoursing on privacy and security and introducing the first public version of Anonym.OS, our own Live CD designed to automagically anonymize and encrypt all ingress and egress traffic on any PC, anywhere!

Our presentation will introduce Anonym.OS, describe its goals and the fundamental underlying technologies, demonstrate it for the audience (an OpenBSD LiveCD that really works, w00t!), follow up with a Q&A session, then conclude by providing links to download all source and ISO images. We will also distribute as many copies of Anonym.OS on CD as we can burn the night before. :)

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From our description at the ShmooCon Speakers page:

Privacy and anonymity are hard to come by these days. What’s worse, many if not most, of the world’s network users don’t have the slightest idea of the levels of monitoring to which they are subjected, much less the proper chain of steps necessary to strengthen their communications channels. While there are applications and systems that provide heightened anonymity and confidentiality to users, all require user-knowledge of configuration and proper systems administration techniques. The tiniest error in setting up any of the myriad tools available can lead to disaster. To fill this void, kaos.theory has created the Anonym.OS OpenBSD LiveCD.

The Anonym.OS LiveCD project seeks to accomplish three goals; first, to provide the user a secure, silent system that can be attached to any network without leaving traceable footprints; secondly, to integrate encryption, privacy, and “anonymizing” applications in a seamless fashion; lastly, to offer standard, graphical tools for web, news, mail, and chat that utilize enhanced privacy and anonymity in an easy-to-use, secure, and portable environment. To achieve these goals, kaos.theory has made extensive use of OpenBSD, pf, tor, and anonymizing proxies.

Anonym.OS provides strong privacy, anonymity, and security in a package suitable to give to your grandmother for use at her local $tarbucks. You know, if your grandmother has something to hide…

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  1. Eduard Nilno Says:

    Where can I download the Anonym.OS LiveCD? It doesn’t work on…Cheers:DEduard

  2. dr.kaos Says:

    Hi Eduard,

    Sourceforge seems to be having a very slow time propagating our image across their mirrors. In the meantime, you can find a torrent of the ISO at:

    Let us know if you continue to have problems!

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