Defcon Around the Corner, DC404 T-Shirts

dc404 - defcon atlantaWell, it’s that time of year again and Defcon’s just around the corner. I was actually planning on being in The Netherlands at the end of this month, which would have precluded my attendance, but with Beth moving to NY and the rest of our personal chaos, it was going to be too expensive and too hard to coordinate. So, I’ll be in Vegas after all! (Hell, I’ve been to the past seven Defcon’s minus the one I missed, don’t want to spoil a tradition, right?)

Also, anyone local to Atlanta should make sure and pick up a few DC404 T-Shirts, now available thanks to Fundable and the DC404 tequila committee. We’ll be having a couple of DC404 Events this year, so wear your shirts and show your support!

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