This blog will self destruct in 5… 4… 3…

Ran across an interesting idea for a self destructing server that essentially entails auto-burning a CD and rebooting to securely wipe the drives on a server containing sensitive information:

“My idea is to keep a blank CD-R in the drive of the server at all times. On [a] hard disk there is an ISO file that is written to the CD-R on demand and then the server is rebooted. The server will ignore the blank CD-R during reboots until it is written with a valid image. The contents of the ISO needs to be a boot loader and kernel, like Grub and Linux plus a file system with a wipe program. The wipe program is started once the kernel is booted and it iterates through the collection of hard drives, which the kernel found during the boot process, and writes over them with a pattern.”

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