New Browser, Same Old Flaw

Not sure how this one was overlooked in the latest build… seems a trivial, though devastating, error.

Spoofing Flaw Resurfaces in Mozilla Browsers:

“GregThePaladin writes ”A 7-year-old flaw that could let an attacker place malicious content on trusted Web sites has resurfaced in the most recent Firefox browser, Secunia has warned. The flaw, which also affects some other Mozilla Foundation programs, lies in the way the software handles frames. The applications don’t check whether the frames displayed in a single window all originate from the same Web site.“ Commentary on this at whitedust as well.”

I really do like Firefox, though I must admit, it’s painfully slow on my Mac as soon I turn on any extensions. Considering that one of Firefox’s greatest strengths is it’s extensibility, I’ve once again reverted to Safari.

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  1. digunix Says:

    i concur… firefox on the mac is PAINFULLY SLOOOOOW!!! I also have reverted back to safari… but it just isnt the same. I think running firefox in VirtualPC is faster then running it locally (and the extensions work).


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