Poor Man’s PDA

Have a cell phone, but no PDA?

The other day, while engaging in a conversation with digunix via SMS, a thought occurred to me — with AIM’s new SMS bridge, it’s remarkably easy to use a cell phone with SMS/MMS messaging capabilities as a simple PDA.

Have a phone number you need to remember, or a task you need to perform? Need a quick and easy way to take driving directions or a grocery list with you?

poor man's pda By simply AIMing your desired text to your own phone number, using the format of +1 followed by your area code and phone number (example +14045551212), you can send short messages to your own phone that can be easily retrieved (and even replied to) wherever you are (although I believe this only works in the US).

Even though I carry a Palm almost everywhere I go, this has already proven invaluable to me on several occasions, and I thought that others might find this tip rather useful as well…

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