It’s all about the shortcuts

Ok, so I use a Mac virtually all of the time now, and possibly because of (or despite?) its BSD underpinnings, OS X provides one of the smoothest and most logical interfaces I’ve used in 21 years of working with computers. In the end, though, I’m still drawn to the keyboard. Unfortunately, my typing has degenerated over the years, most probably because of my reliance on various and sundry GUIs. I can still bang away at probably something like 70 - 90 wpm if I try hard enough, but my errors are way up.

In order to simplify my life and improve my productivity, I’ve been trying to move back to the keyboard by way of shortcuts for virtually everything I do. It’s an often challenging process, especially when you’ve come to rely on the mouse as much as modern operating systems have inspired me to.

Nonetheless, I’ve found a few very useful tools that have made this process either transparent, or at the very least, significantly easier. Below is a list of those I use and love, with a couple at the bottom that I’ve yet to try but believe will further my efforts…

And yesterday, courtesy of Michael Hyatt, I was introduced to KeyCue, which looks like it will also become a vital part of my arsenal.

Of course, I’m always looking for new tools and suggestions…
What other tools do you use that help you avoid your mouse?

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