Portable Access Point via OpenBSD on Zaurus

“Today the OpenBSD project announced the new 3.7 release. This is the first release to support newer wireless chipsets, especially for 802.11g, thanks to a big activism campaign lead by project leader Theo de Raadt. It’s now possible to create a portable access point with a tiny PDA using the Zaurus port, too.”

Wow. The zaurus port of OpenBSD now acts as a portable access point. That’s neat. Makes me wish I hadn’t given up on the Zaurus last year. Really, the problem with the Zaurus was the operating system, though, as neither the Sharp default Linux distro nor OpenZaurus seemed to provide a very robust or stable operating environment, and the dependence on Qtopia’s crappy PIM apps made my decision that much easier.

Looks like it may be time to revisit the Zaurus…

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  1. digunix Says:

    ill sell you one…. :)

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