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It’s all about the shortcuts


Ok, so I use a Mac virtually all of the time now, and possibly because of (or despite?) its BSD underpinnings, OS X provides one of the smoothest and most logical interfaces I’ve used in 21 years of working with computers. In the end, though, I’m still drawn to the keyboard. Unfortunately, my typing has degenerated over the years, most probably because of my reliance on various and sundry GUIs. I can still bang away at probably something like 70 - 90 wpm if I try hard enough, but my errors are way up.

In order to simplify my life and improve my productivity, I’ve been trying to move back to the keyboard by way of shortcuts for virtually everything I do. It’s an often challenging process, especially when you’ve come to rely on the mouse as much as modern operating systems have inspired me to.

Nonetheless, I’ve found a few very useful tools that have made this process either transparent, or at the very least, significantly easier. Below is a list of those I use and love, with a couple at the bottom that I’ve yet to try but believe will further my efforts…


Grocery Store Wars


Grocery Store Wars | Join the Organic Rebellion:

OMG, this is amazing.

Whether you’re healthy, vegan, dig organic food, or just like Star Wars, this is a must see…

Getting Things Organized


By way of LifeHacker, I stumbled across this article on Getting Things Organized, which mentioned the IKEA Office Planner tool.

Now that’s super cool. Probably wouldn’t be so excited about it, if Atlanta didn’t have its own IKEA coming soon.

So who wants to help me remodel my office? :)

Blogs Suck!

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Just thought I’d flex my new administrative power to state for the record that blogs suck. I think we should use gopher instead.

In fact I think our next project should be a self replicating worm that exploits php based blogs, installs the gopher protocol on the host machine then proceeds to recursively convert all blog entries into gopher format and finally replaces all php pages with redirectors to the newly made gopher tree.

Anyone with me?

BBS Documentary Now Shipping


via Slashdot:

Wow. Didn’t see this on /. yesterday, but ran across it this a.m. on some random site as I was learning about trackerless torrents. :) Got to admit, this movie (series?) looks totally frickin’ awesome, and I’m gonna have to order a copy immediately.


Easy blog posting via DashBlog


For those who happen to be lucky enough to own a Mac and have installed or are considering installing Tiger, check out DashBlog, a simple Dashboard widget that allows quick and easy posting to a variety of blogs via standard blogging APIs.

The interface is a very simple, if a little bit big (even on the 17″ PB), but the developer has suggested that she’ll be changing the interface to a toolbar-style widget ala the default Dictionary widget.

Portable Access Point via OpenBSD on Zaurus

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“Today the OpenBSD project announced the new 3.7 release. This is the first release to support newer wireless chipsets, especially for 802.11g, thanks to a big activism campaign lead by project leader Theo de Raadt. It’s now possible to create a portable access point with a tiny PDA using the Zaurus port, too.”

Wow. The zaurus port of OpenBSD now acts as a portable access point. That’s neat. Makes me wish I hadn’t given up on the Zaurus last year. Really, the problem with the Zaurus was the operating system, though, as neither the Sharp default Linux distro nor OpenZaurus seemed to provide a very robust or stable operating environment, and the dependence on Qtopia’s crappy PIM apps made my decision that much easier.

Looks like it may be time to revisit the Zaurus…

Comment system working?


Last night, Shostack indicated that his attempts to post first comment to the blog were unsuccessful, though I was able to post a comment this morning. Just wondering if anyone else has tried posting a comment?

Assuming, of course, that you tried and were unable… will you please email admin at so I can look further into the problem? Cheers!



Just found this nifty site for Dijjer, which looks like a pretty interesting implementation of P2P that provides Bittorrent-esque functionality without the need for trackers, .torrents and the like. Haven’t really played with it yet, but it certainly looks interesting.

Only problem I see so far is that the Mac client is written in Java, which is notoriously slow on OS X, so I’ll have to see how it performs before I arrive at any firm conclusions.

first post


w00t, first post to the new kaos.theory blog!