Becoming Jack Flack ShmooCon Presentation Posted


The slides from our ShmooCon 2010 presentation, “Becoming Jack Flack: Real Life Cloak and Dagger” have now been posted at If you saw the presentation and enjoyed it, please don’t forget to provide your feedback at the ShmooCon feedback website. Thanks!

More information and resources will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

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NARC available for download


NARC has been re-posted to SourceForge in zipped source form, as it was released at DEFCON 14. For those interested, see the NARC Project Page.

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New Site For a New Year


We have been working hard in the background migrating the disparate blogs, cms, and static pages that made up into a single site and we are proud to say that we have finished. A slightly modified theme and a simpler navigation are just some of the benefits. Let us know what you think. Any old links, especially popular ones, should now point nicely to their new homes. If you find any broken or missing links let us know at inquiries AT kaos DOT to.

New Contact Alias

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We’ve setup a new e-mail alias for general inquiries, project requests, join requests, etc. If you’d like to contact kaos.theory, send email directly to <inquiries AT kaos DOT to>. Thanks!

Rumors of our demise


…have been greatly exaggerated! Granted, we’ve been silent for several months and have long delyaed the release of SAMAEL and NARC (for which I’ve caught no shortage of grief); alas, these are the foibles of a volunteer group whose active members have day jobs, wives, kids and mortgages.

Alright, alright, enough with the excuses.The wheels are in motion once again.

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SAMAEL and NARC Downloads


UHOH. Last minute QA uncovered a few interface issues that could make setting up and configuring SAMAEL difficult, if not impossible. For this reason, we’ve temporarily pulled the download. Please don’t worry, we’ll have it back online very soon!

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That’s right, from the 1337 hax0rs that brought you Anonym.OS, kaos.theory/security.research presents S.A.M.A.E.L. (Secure, Anonymous, Megalomaniacal, Autonomous, Encrypting Linux), the natural evolution of our secure, automagicically anonymizing operating system, Anonym.OS into a kick-ass anonymizing server!

In unison, we’re proud to introduce N.A.R.C…

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Collaborative Editing


From The Kevin Experiment:

I WANT FREE SOFTWARE… if you do toooo… copy this to your blog

1. SubEthaEdit from CodingMonkeys
2. BLOGZOT 2.0 on
3. MacZOT and TheCodingMonkeys will award $105,000 in Mac software
4. any comments you have about the software, the web site, or the promotion

So basically SubEthaEdit…. think textedit on steroids and networkable.


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Keyboard Photos


Quick request — several people ended up snapping photos of my keyboard at LayerOne, and I’d really like to have copies of any of the photos that were taken. If you were one of the aforementioned photographers, please email me. Also, if anyone plans to put these anywhere on the net, kindly mention my real name (Taylor Banks) with the posted photo (though you’re welcome to use my handle as well, if you’d like). Thanks!

2006 Community Choice Awards


Just found out yesterday (by accident, go figure) that Anonym.OS is nominated to be nominated for the 2006 Community Choice Awards! Woot!

If you’ve downloaded, used and enjoyed Anonym.OS (or haven’t, but love the idea), please take a few moments to go to the SourceForge page and vote for us in the Security category! Nominations close today, so please take a few minutes to go there now!

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